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I am so happy to finally share with you a short video of our summer holidays in Portugal. Check-out the pictures I took from our time in Portugal in my other post too.


“After almost a month enduring the not that lovely London weather I could’t help but feel nostalgic when I finally edited my summer holidays pictures.  I spent summer with my daughters in Portugal and I took my camera to document our carefree sunny days.

August was a magical month – we spent our time in my home country mostly either at my parents’ or at our beach house. The girls had lots of fun and days were super relaxed – running around barefoot after the dogs, riding bikes, diving in the pool, and trying new things everyday.

It somewhat felt like my childhood summer days in the 90s. I remember the excitement of having three whole months to enjoy after school had ended. Some days we just wondered around the garden with the dog and built imaginary friends out of old stuff my dad collected in the garage. I feel very luck my kids can start to create the same good childhood memories.”



In case you want to book a documentary family photo session or if you wish to document your holidays please contact me at anaruivophotography@gmail.com or leave a note here.

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