A day in our life 2017

This is a day in our life in 2017

One day I looked down at my sweet newborn, my firstborn baby girl, and was shocked to realize that somehow overnight she had aged to about thirteen months old and she was running around the house. Except, it didn’t actually happen overnight, it just felt that way. As soon as I had children, it was like someone pushed the fast forward button on life and things started speeding by so fast. I knew I had to find some way to capture what their childhood was like, and I wanted to tell their story, and be able to convey to them what it was like to be them later in life , to be me, to live in our life. Right there at that moment started my photography journey.

I am extremely passionate about documentary family photography and believe that A Day in the Life sessions are really important to tell our story in the most authentic way. Most of us do a great job of documenting extraordinary outings, celebrations, and milestones, forgetting that in many ways, our most cherished memories are derived from everyday moments. It can be difficult to step back and appreciate the beauty of the life as we experience or observe it day in and day out, but the fact is that our daily activities do change – sometimes incrementally and imperceptibly. A Day in the Life is a beautiful way to capture the rituals and routines that are so easy to take for granted (but are gone before we know it).

I photographed my family on a Saturday on a Spring like day. The weather was perfect – London at this time to the year is blooming with gorgeous magnolias and cherry trees. We did the things we like the most in our neighbourhood in Notting Hill –  lazy morning in bed, 2 hours breakfast, ballet classes, singing session, lunch at our favourite place, shopping at Portobello Market, out to the playground, naps and quiet time, some not so quiet…, messy bubble baths and bedtime stories.

This is a day in our life.

This is my life. This is our story. This is us, right now.

Your family has a story too, many stories, actually, to tell, and I believe they should be preserved.

If you want to give a family documentary session a try, or if you have any questions about these types of sessions, please drop me a note – I’d love to continue the conversation.

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Hello! I'm Ana, a London photographer, in love with light and with the magic of every day. I believe documentary photography transcends time and allows you not only to tell your story but also to relive once again your most cherished memories. In my blog, I share my recent work and some tips and topics I am passionate about.


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