10 Cool Activity Ideas For Your Summer Family Photoshoot

Summer is nearly here, and it’s filled with endless possibilities! I am sharing today some activity ideas that scream summer and holidays (that we all so much need) and that make fantastic moments to capture in a Summer family photoshoot. It’s the time for amusement rides, camping, napping in a hammock, heading to the beach, and so much more (while practising social distancing, of course).


It is when everyone is more at ease and relaxed. Schedules are a lot more open, and things are less hectic. There’s just something about Summer that brings the life out of us, don’t you agree?

Summer is also a great time to take family photos! Instead of posing for pictures this year, why not plan an enjoyable summer activity that your family will love? It’s a great bonding idea for the family, and you’ll be able to have unique photos. Here are some summer activities that you can try for your next family photoshoot:

Check-out this Summer family photoshoot cool activities

Have fun in the pool

Summer is for lazy days lounging around the pool, am I right? Jumping in the pool or just splashing around is a great memory to capture for the family. It’s also the best way to beat the summer heat, so win-win!

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Play a sport

Are you into badminton, soccer, rollerblading, table tennis, or miniature golf? Pick a sport that all the members of your family find pleasure in and get moving! Sports offer incredible physical, emotional, and mental benefits. It can also increase family ties and understanding between each member.


Have a picnic at a local park

For a more relaxed photoshoot, lay down a blanket and have a picnic! It doesn’t have to be fancy. Just grab a few sandwiches and some drinks, then you’re good to go. There’s nothing more attractive than the warm summer sun, shiny golden leaves, and delightful smiles.


Hit the beach

Playing by the beach is another magnificent family photography idea. Frolic in the sand, collect some shells, or swim! Having a shoot at the beach usually results in animated motion pictures that make remarkable photographs.


Venture out at the golden hour

Bring out your bikes or go for a walk during the golden hour. The sunset can produce strong, vibrant, and saturated colours, giving a dramatic setting to your photos. Who doesn’t love breath-taking scenery, anyway?


Backyard camping

Get your sleeping bags ready! It’s time to set up a tent in your backyard and let your kids experience camping. Spruce up your space, create a scavenger hunt, sing campfire songs, grill dinner, and have S’mores for dessert. Create long-lasting memories and maybe even a new family tradition when you camp in your backyard.

Water balloon fight

Pop! Squash! Splat! Don’t underestimate the power of playing with water. Kids and adults alike can have a blast playing this game. For a variation, you can fill your balloons with shaving cream or paint.


Prepare cool summer treats.

The kitchen is also a great place to implement family photoshoot ideas. Homemade popsicles, two-ingredient ice creams, fruit pizzas, smoothies, and frozen yoghurt, take your pick! Preparing summer treats with the kids can bring lots of excitement.

Play board games

Drop your devices and connect with your family the old-fashion way. Bring out your board games and spend some quality time at home. Some healthy competition is a great way to bring out emotions!

Get artsy

Create a summer mural or decorate your walkways with chalk. Arts and crafts encourage kids to play and experiment in a safe and relaxed environment. You’ll also be able to showcase the creativity of your kids through this shoot!


Summer Family Photoshoot bookings open for June and July in England. August in Portugal. December in Dubai.

Are you inspired enough? Plan your next summer family photoshoot with me. I’ll capture the raw and real emotions of your family while you’re doing an activity you love! Get in touch!

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