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– Baleal Beach



Baleal is an island located 3 kilometres (1.9 miles) north of Peniche, in the western region of Portugal is separated from the mainland by a tombolo. At the extremity of the island you can find the inaccessible ilhota das Pombas and the ilhéu de Fora.

The coastal shape, namely the bay and northern strip of coast associated with Baleal create unique conditions in Europe for the practice of surfing and body boarding. Over the years I have seen Baleal becoming a major holiday and surfing spot. Although it’s still a little hidden tourist gem, today there are lots of surfing schools and water sports shops.

Baleal beach is a place very close to my heart. I come here almost every year since I was born, sometimes with my parents but most of the time with my grandparents during Summer holidays. I have so many good memories with my brother and the friends we made. We could spend hours at the beach playing games, making sand castles, exploring the rocks, looking out for little creatures, shells and stones and as we got older we adventure ourselves for what Baleal is world-famous: surfing and body boarding.


– Simply dreamy 


This area of Portugal can show quite surprisingly weather conditions therefore you never know how the weather will be tomorrow. You can have beautiful sunny beach days in a row but time to time there are cloudy days when it feels good to wear a sweatshirt. That’s what I wanted to capture when I came here in August. We had a lovely day, surrounded by low clouds and quite humid so consequently we were just able to spot the surfers waiting and catching the waves. Everything looks like a dream, because it can feel that way: a serene, peaceful atmosphere where you can only hear the sound of the waves and where you can feel the most unique smell of the ocean.


– Glorious Sunset


When the sun sets near the water is a glorious moment and the west coast of Portugal has the most beautiful sunsets. These pictures show another side of Baleal: exceptional sunny days when you can stay at the beach until late. I was very lucky this day, it was warm and the sky presented the most gorgeous colours.



“There’s a sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they’re absolutely free. Don’t miss so many of them.”
― Jo Walton


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