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A Day in the Life Holland Park London Photoshoot

It’s been a crazy year as we know so far but that doesn’t deter my clients to keep on making memories. I think especially this year we should do more pictures, more albums and more prints to decorate our walls and bookshelves. Our children need that warm comfort that family is always together no matter what.

I am very sorry I have been so busy I haven’t been able to give the proper attention to my blog and share with you the most wonderful photoshoots I have been doing since September.

I know this family for a quite some time now, and unfortunately, like many families this year, they decided to leave London. It’s not a goodbye photoshoot but it’s an important set of pictures that I hope they will cherish forever.

f you want to give a family documentary session a try, or if you have any questions about these types of sessions, please drop me a note – I’d love to continue the conversation.

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    How to help a small business during the pandemic

    Statistics say 60% of small businesses lost at least 75% of their revenue since the coronavirus became a widespread concern. If the crisis continues, millions of small businesses may be at risk of closing in the next five months or less. 

    Here are four simple ways to help small businesses you care about in the wake of this coronavirus outbreak. At the end, I also give you some tips to boost your favourite photographers during this tough time for artists.


    1. Keep spending

    •Pay for online courses. One way you can help gyms and studios is to take one of their online classes. I am currently keeping up with my pilates practice with the fantastic Rachele Dattila or BodyWorksWest online courses.

    •Buy local. Many of us, we purchase things online from Amazon. Instead, please take a couple more minutes to see what [small] businesses in your area might have the same product, and order what you need from them.

    •Buy gift cards. Many companies are offering gift card purchases that enable the business to get paid immediately. Log onto your favourite businesses’ websites and see if they provide the option to purchase gift cards now that can be used later. 

    •Order takeout. While many restaurants and cafes are closed to the public, they could still be offering delivery and takeout. Check apps like deliveroo, which offer contactless delivery, to see which local eateries you can order from. Or call your favourite spots and see what their social distance dining options or specials are.

    •Donate. Even if you can’t get the service a given business offers, consider donating the same amount of money you would have spent in a typical month. 

    2. Let business owners know what you need.

    Some small businesses may be able to adapt their services to offer ones their community needs at the moment.

    Many shops started to offer vegetable boxes along with their products or distilleries and breweries have started producing hand sanitizer.

    Reach out to small businesses you patronize on Instagram, Facebook, or through an email, they list on their website and let them know if there’s something relevant you need right now. Even if they can’t supply it, maybe there’s another business in their network that can

    3. Share their stories

    What with the chaos of day-to-day life since the stay-at-home orders began, struggling businesses “may not be top of mind” for a lot of people. That’s understandable. But sharing their stories throughout social media and in your networks can help raise awareness about their plights and what services they’re offering.

    If there’s a brand that you like to share it around to your network and then hopefully more of the small businesses go viral.

    4. Offer up your skillset

    As some companies try to figure out how they can survive and shift their business models to meet the needs of quarantined customers, they may need help with tasks like marketing, web design, or delivery. Reach out to your favourite small businesses and let them know what skills you can offer to help sustain them. 

    Some companies might be able to pay or offer you their goods for free in exchange for your efforts, but if you can afford to volunteer, it could go a long way toward helping a small business you value to survive.

    Help your favourite artist – buy their art and craft

    This is so important.

    At this time, I am only offering photoshoots that happen outdoors. It can be from newborn, families, small events like a picnic, small celebrations, corporate portraits and headshots. 

    Another way to help my business is to order albums from past photoshoots or even just prints. 

    You can always book a photoshoot for later in the year if you feel that it’s still early days, or gift a photo session for your key worker hero (discounts apply) or your friends and family.

    I will update you if this changes, in the meantime, help your local business and your favourite artists!

    Thank you! 

    See you soon x


    If you want to give a family documentary session a try, or if you have any questions about these types of sessions, please drop me a note – I’d love to continue the conversation.

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      My COVID-19 lockdown survival guide

      Children Family London Photographer - Ana Ruivo Photography

      First I was really shocked about everything that was happening in China and then Italy…and then well you know…what the situation is…

      The ones of you who know me probably know me as a positive person, and I genuinely believe lots of good things will emerge from this crisis but right now the most important thing is for us to stay home, staying home is saving lives. We are all in this together but we are the lucky ones. Lucky because I am at home with my family, we are healthy (so far so good), we have food, we have a safe place we call home, we have books and entertainment, and we have the time. The time to be with each other, the time to learn and the time to rest.

      So in that line of thought, I would like to thank all the health workers, nurses, doctors and front line workers in the world fighting this unprecedented war. Also a big thank you to pharmacists and food supply and delivery workers, rubbish collectors and cleaners, all helping to save the world. 

      I did this little guide for those of you who are in isolation with their children. I hope it helps you with some inspiration and ideas that so far are working for me and in the end, I left an activity for your children to do during the holidays so they document your days too.

      I know it can be difficult and frustrating and you feel like you have to entertain them ALL THE TIME, while you have better things to do, especially if you’re also trying to work from home. 

      Children Family London Photographer - Ana Ruivo Photography

      1. Manage your expectations

      We have been inundated with home learning activities and schedules and lots of lots of to-dos, but it’s quite overwhelming trying to do all those things while you work or taking caring of your family. Please lower your expectations; unfortunately, it’s impossible to have the same productivity while you take care of young children. Kids are kids, and they will act like kids, and while it’s okay for them to get bored, we should not expect them to go without interacting with us for hours on end. 

      Work in short chunks of time and forget multi-tasking – concentrating just on one thing at a time for 15-20 minutes will give you better results than trying to do it all in an hour. If you are working as part of a team, keep them updated on your availability and progress – that’s pretty much all of us can do right now.

      It won’t be forever.

      2. Online learning resources 

      At this point, you have seen tons of list with educational programs and online learning activities, so I will share the ones we like the most that are more entertaining.

      Ted-Ed – TED-Ed provides everything you need to spark and celebrate your child’s ideas.

      National Geographic Kids – Lots of resources for children from quiz, puzzles and fact packed articles.

      Audibles – Kids everywhere can instantly stream an incredible collection of stories, including titles across six different languages, that will help them continue dreaming, learning, and just being kids. 

      Elevenses with The World of David Walliams – Every day David Walliams reads a story at 11am.

      Draw with Rob – Rob Biddulph posts a draw-along video every Tuesday and Thursday at 10 am BST that parents could watch with their kids and, hopefully, make some nice pictures.

      WhiteRose Maths – For those kids who like maths this website has lots of free resources. My kids like to do the problem of the day.

      Keep Cooking and Carry On – Jamie Oliver is releasing new episodes every day of this series on Channel 4 – my kids love to watch cooking programs. Plus, his 9 year old son has an entire playlist on YouTube dedicated to kids-friendly cooking.

      PE with Joe Wicks – The Body Coach star creates a kids workout from Monday to Friday at 9 am. My daughters love it and everyone joins in!

      Children Family London Photographer - Ana Ruivo Photography

      3. Cooking and baking

      While at home it’s been non-stop in the kitchen. I have been quite busy with the girls, and I try to teach them about food/nutrition and include them in the making of cakes and some savoury dishes. We follow a plant-based diet, so my to go books for inspiration are Bosh, Happy Pear, Delicious Ella, and the fantastic website/app BBC GoodFood where I just search for an ingredient and loads of recipes appear with reviews and tips, it’s amazing!

      Children Family London Photographer - Ana Ruivo Photography

      4. Embrace your home. 

      You know all of those little projects you have been pushing because you didn’t have the time. Well, now it’s the time. I have been trying to organise a cupboard every day or every other day. My children’s closets, the pantry, etc. Try to include your children as much as possible; they love to help! Get some inspiration from theHomeEdit; I am sure the kids will love to organise shelves by colour. =)

      If you are lucky enough to have a garden, at this time of the year there are lots of things that need to be done, from planting, clearing and pruning. Check SarahRaven for inspiration. If you don’t, you can adventure yourself by planting some seeds or buy some indoor plants to brighten your space. Check Patch Plants for some gorgeous plants delivered to your home and Freddie’s Flower for magnificent blooms weekly deliveries.  

      Children Family London Photographer - Ana Ruivo Photography

      5. Finish those family photo albums.

      I started last week my family photo books. It’s something I do all the time but in little chunks. Check this post for some tips on how to organise your pictures. You don’t need to send them to print right now, but at least they are ready and updated. Your children will thank you!

      Ana Ruivo usb box prints London Family Photography

      6. Read everyday 

      Not only it’s a great family activity, but it is also very educational. Read to your kids and with your kids. Read all sorts of books, any books that they love. It’s a beautiful and intimate routine that is good for your and for them.

      Our current ones are Five Children and It, The Goldfish boy, Harry Potter book series, David Walliams book series and Ronal Dahl stories. (8 and 6-year-old girls here) 

      7. Art ans Science are important too

      Learning doesn’t involve only English and Maths. Embrace your inner artist with these fantastic art boxes or cards for kids LOLA. I know they might need a bit of guidance, but these art boxes are amazingly well done and are very inspiring for children. 

      For Science because it’s Spring I would recommend starting to plant some seeds and make a diary of them growing. Study flowers and his components etc, gardening tips are important lessons too.

      Children Family London Photographer - Ana Ruivo Photography

      8. Enjoy the slow life

      Trust me; they won’t fall behind or unlearn anything. So enjoy slower mornings and more time together. It’s so easy to get frustrated and resent this forced exclusion but try to find joy in this unhurried pace and see this an opportunity to foster a deeper connection with your kids. Lazy mornings in your PJs and cooking breakfast from scratch together, solving a puzzle or having a cuddle while watching a favourite TV show could just end up some of your favourite moments of this whole COVID-19 nightmare.

      I am getting back to meditation, something I used to do before having children and really helps me a lot. Balance app is offering one-year membership, so it’s good to incorporate this healthy habit back in our lives. I also use the app Calm for the kids and me. They love the night stories and wind down with the sound of waves. 

      Children Family London Photographer - Ana Ruivo Photography

      And for last try my photo hunt!

      Let’s not stop making visual memories. Capture these times at home with the kids through their eyes. I hope they enjoy this activity. I would love you to share the results with me!

      Stay Home – Save Lives!

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        London Family Lifestyle Portrait Session

        I still do family lifestyle photography from time to time. My sessions are super relaxed and my main goal is to capture connection and the children’s personalities.

        These are some of my favourites from this session. On this day it was zero degrees outside! I love winter light.

        If you want to give a family session a try, or if you have any questions about these types of sessions, please drop me a note – I’d love to continue the conversation.

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        Sunday mornings and a farewell – London Family Photography

        Morning routines sometimes are so underrated. We just want to do everything as quickly as possible and rush out of the house. But it is the little moments that make our lives and can intrinsic memories.

        This was fun but at the same time emotional photo session. This family left London and went to NY so they wanted to remember their beloved home and also that the girls would never forget their time in London at their home where they were born and grew beautifully.

        If you want to give a family documentary session a try, or if you have any questions about these types of sessions, please drop me a note – I’d love to continue the conversation.

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          Little Spree – Sarah Clark for Massimo Dutti

          I felt so honoured when Sarah approached me to do a fashion photoshoot for her and her children for Massimo Dutti. She wanted something natural and candid, but also she wanted sharp pictures with connection with nature that could show her twins’ personalities and bond as well as their beautiful clothes.

          First and foremost a fashion editor, Sarah has worked in the industry for over fifteen years for publications including Marie Claire, Glamour, Red and The Sunday Telegraph’s Stella magazine. Now a freelance stylist and art director, Sarah draws on her expert knowledge and personal style for Little Spree to source the most stylish high street finds mixed with the occasional ‘spurge’ (but only if it’s worth splurging on.)

          It was so easy to immerse in the beautiful Richmond Park and with its golden gorgeous winter light.

          Check-out this fantastic blog full of inspiration and great styling tips for the home and yourself at Little Spree.

          Also, the final print for Massimo Dutti for their online magazine Paper is here.


          If you want to have great imagery for your project or business, or if you have any questions about business documentary photography or blog/editorial photography, please drop me a note – I’d love to continue the conversation.

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          Birthday Party at the Coworth Park

          It’s a girl’s dream to celebrate a birthday day in such an idyllic place like Coworth Park. If you or your children love horses, this is the place! Gorgeous outdoors combined with fantastic hospitality from The Dorchester.

          Carefully planned by the Notorious Kids, this party was amazing and full of enjoyable activities.

          Check it out for yourself!

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            Autumn in London – Hyde Park – Family Photography

            Summer may be over; the days are getting shorter, the temperatures colder and rainy days in London are setting in. Embrace that back-to-school feeling and enjoy Autumn in London where the parks are bursting with warm colours perfect for long walks.

            This family wanted to celebrate Autumn with an after school picnic in Hyde Park, and we were so fortunate with the weather. There was lots of running to get some pictures from these boys and the dog, who loves to pose, but it was completely worth it.

            Check-out an another beautiful session during Autumn in Hyde Park here for some inspiration.

            If you want to give a family documentary session a try, or if you have any questions about these types of sessions, please drop me a note – I’d love to continue the conversation.

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              A Walk in Kew Gardens with Chihuly

              The world’s most celebrated contemporary glass artist is showcasing again his work against the stunning backdrop of Kew Gardens. It’s only two more weeks and I totally recommend for the kids.

              My daughters absolutely loved it and wanted to come back.

              In the most biodiverse place in the world, you will see the perfect marriage of art, science and nature as Chihuly’s dazzling sculptures transform the Gardens and glasshouses into a contemporary outdoor gallery space.

              The beautifully illustrated Chihuly Family Trail booklet will help children and their families engage with the exhibition and spark their imagination through games and fun tasks.

              Families can pick up a free trail for the duration of the exhibition from the Shirley Sherwood Gallery of Botanical Art. The lovely booklet also makes a nice keepsake. Read more about it here.

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                Snapshots of our Summer – Surf and ice-creams

                It feels like Summer was ages ago while I am writing this post; it is raining cats and dogs in London.
                Our Summer was in Portugal, as usual, with our family and most of the time we spent it in our little beach cottage near the Atlantic. This place is a renowned famous surf spot, and I thought this year would be an excellent opportunity for the girls to surf.
                I was a little bit afraid, to be honest, but they just loved it, and now I am already thinking about the next time!

                These are some snapshots of our holiday in this extraordinary place. Until next time.

                Check some snapshots from the last years here and here.

                In case you want to book a documentary family photo session or if you wish to document your holidays please contact me at [email protected] or leave a note here.

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