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How to help a small business during the pandemic

Statistics say 60% of small businesses lost at least 75% of their revenue since the coronavirus became a widespread concern. If the crisis continues, millions of small businesses may be at risk of closing in the next five months or less. 

Here are four simple ways to help small businesses you care about in the wake of this coronavirus outbreak. At the end, I also give you some tips to boost your favourite photographers during this tough time for artists.


1. Keep spending

•Pay for online courses. One way you can help gyms and studios is to take one of their online classes. I am currently keeping up with my pilates practice with the fantastic Rachele Dattila or BodyWorksWest online courses.

•Buy local. Many of us, we purchase things online from Amazon. Instead, please take a couple more minutes to see what [small] businesses in your area might have the same product, and order what you need from them.

•Buy gift cards. Many companies are offering gift card purchases that enable the business to get paid immediately. Log onto your favourite businesses’ websites and see if they provide the option to purchase gift cards now that can be used later. 

•Order takeout. While many restaurants and cafes are closed to the public, they could still be offering delivery and takeout. Check apps like deliveroo, which offer contactless delivery, to see which local eateries you can order from. Or call your favourite spots and see what their social distance dining options or specials are.

•Donate. Even if you can’t get the service a given business offers, consider donating the same amount of money you would have spent in a typical month. 

2. Let business owners know what you need.

Some small businesses may be able to adapt their services to offer ones their community needs at the moment.

Many shops started to offer vegetable boxes along with their products or distilleries and breweries have started producing hand sanitizer.

Reach out to small businesses you patronize on Instagram, Facebook, or through an email, they list on their website and let them know if there’s something relevant you need right now. Even if they can’t supply it, maybe there’s another business in their network that can

3. Share their stories

What with the chaos of day-to-day life since the stay-at-home orders began, struggling businesses “may not be top of mind” for a lot of people. That’s understandable. But sharing their stories throughout social media and in your networks can help raise awareness about their plights and what services they’re offering.

If there’s a brand that you like to share it around to your network and then hopefully more of the small businesses go viral.

4. Offer up your skillset

As some companies try to figure out how they can survive and shift their business models to meet the needs of quarantined customers, they may need help with tasks like marketing, web design, or delivery. Reach out to your favourite small businesses and let them know what skills you can offer to help sustain them. 

Some companies might be able to pay or offer you their goods for free in exchange for your efforts, but if you can afford to volunteer, it could go a long way toward helping a small business you value to survive.

Help your favourite artist – buy their art and craft

This is so important.

At this time, I am only offering photoshoots that happen outdoors. It can be from newborn, families, small events like a picnic, small celebrations, corporate portraits and headshots. 

Another way to help my business is to order albums from past photoshoots or even just prints. 

You can always book a photoshoot for later in the year if you feel that it’s still early days, or gift a photo session for your key worker hero (discounts apply) or your friends and family.

I will update you if this changes, in the meantime, help your local business and your favourite artists!

Thank you! 

See you soon x


If you want to give a family documentary session a try, or if you have any questions about these types of sessions, please drop me a note – I’d love to continue the conversation.

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    Summer is here – Autumn Session Sale

    Summer is here and I can’t believe how life is going so fast these days! I am finishing some client work and counting down the days until I have my feet on golden warm sand and the ocean breeze blowing my hair…but suddenly I realized I am taking the Summer off and that means I need to fill my calendar for Autumn NOW! 

    So I present you Summer unplugged Autumn Session SALE! 


    Book your September or October session by the 31st of July, and get a Full Day-in-the-Life at a Half-Day price. Or a Half-Day session at a Three-Hour price. Or finally, a Three-Hour session for a One-Hour and half price.

    A limited number of discounted sessions is available, so jump on it while you can!

    If you want to give a family documentary session a try, or if you have any questions about these types of sessions, please drop me a note – I’d love to continue the conversation.



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    Mother’s Day: Special Give Away! – London Family Photographer

    Newborn-Baby-London-Family Photographer-Ana Ruivo Photography


    March is almost around the corner and so is Mother’s Day. This year I am giving away a three hour family documentary session focused on motherhood. I wish you to remember that we mothers, stepmothers, grandmothers, sisters and daughters deserve to be in pictures too.

    If you want to participate please answer these 3 little questions by the 11th of March.

    Oh and a little bonus – by completing this you will get £100 off your next three hour session (or longer) if you book this year.

    (The winner’s session must be held within 20 km of W2/W11, London by the end of June 2018– if your home is further away we may not be able to do your session at your home and might pick another location. Once the session has been scheduled, it cannot be rescheduled. If we cannot find a suitable date, a new session winner will be drawn. A model release must be signed prior to the session.)

    If you’re not quite familiar with the documentary approach to photography, you can read this previous blog post. Here’s the list:

    There is no posing involved. You get to enjoy your loved ones – or your alone time – without interruptions or prompts on how you’re supposed to be.

    Notting Hill day in the life London Family Photography

    The pictures will capture who you are – not just what you look like.

    You’ll get pictures of genuine smiles, belly-laughs, tantrums and moments as they happen in your everyday when you’re just present with your loved ones.

    You may not otherwise get pictures of these little things. Morning routines where you have your hands full, and times where you’re soaking up the moment and not even thinking about taking a picture.

    A day in the Life - London Family documentary photography


    Your real life is enough. And interesting, funny, amazing, exhausting, exhilarating and magical – and the pictures will mirror that back to you.

    Notting Hill day in the life London Family Photography

    If you’re itching to get documentary pictures done of you, of your family, or a girl’s night without the kids, you can enter the giveaway here. You’ll receive a link to a questionnaire that will give me better insight into who you are and what the photo session could do for you.

    Notting Hill day in the life London Family Photography


    My mum, my light, my rock, my example, my hope and my adorable daughters – 2014 










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