Fun at Children’s Playground in Kew Gardens Photo Session

Kew Gardens Photo Session

I was delighted to do this Kew Gardens photo session a not long time ago because Kew is one of the most beautiful gardens in London. Kew Gardens is a botanic garden in southwest London that houses the largest and most diverse botanical and mycological collections in the world.

Fun At Children's Playground In Kew Gardens Photo Session

Do you make time for outdoor play?

Today’s children, whether they are toddlers, school-age, or teenagers, are growing with technology. As a result, kids are spending more and more time inside glued to their screens. But did you know that playing outside is not just enjoyable for kids but also has a lot of benefits?

Outdoor play overall helps with a child’s physical, emotional, and mental development. Depending on the type of play they have, it can provide opportunities for hands-on learning, encourage movement, help learn social skills, and increase sun exposure. It can also reduce stress levels and lighten up the mood.

I am always delighted to shoot kids outdoors! I recently photographed this family who had a lovely time playing with their two boys in Kew Gardens. I mean, look at how happy these kids are smelling flowers, climbing trees, and running around. With unstructured play, it is interesting to see how they choose to interact with nature. They can let their imagination run wild and pretend to be anything they want!

Kew Gardens Photo Session

Nature creates a unique sense of wonder and curiosity that no other environment provides. Observing what happens in their surroundings helps them learn about the earth and its different components like clouds, flowers, trees, insects, and more. It makes them think, ask questions about what they see, and even experiment with natural materials.

Playing outdoors can also hone the athletic abilities of children. It gets kids moving and gives them physical exercise, and it strengthens their muscles and bones, boosts their stamina, and builds their immune system. The boys loved swinging on ropes, jumping on trampolines, and going up the slope!

Kew Gardens Photo Session

We also took photos with the mum’s baby bump! The little ones were thrilled to have an addition to their family, which showed in the pictures. I also love how nature served as the perfect backdrop for their portraits.

What’s a better way to cap off this amazing shoot? With some ice cream, of course! We had the most fun time on this photoshoot! It was a day full of energy, excitement, and laughter. Non-stop-play and exploring meant non-stop photo opportunities for me!

Are you planning a family shoot soon? You can opt to visit a local park or playground like what we did here. The vast green space, the natural light, and the nature props all make photo sessions alluring.

Please send me a message and let’s talk!

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