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Do you hate forced poses and being told to say cheese? Do you have a kid who dislikes being directed or cannot sit still for a picture? Or do you loathe over-the-top photoshoots? Then you might be my dream documentary family photography client!

Capturing great photos often boils down to the client and the photographer sharing the same vision for the shoot. You should understand your photographer’s style and be able to trust him/her with the camera. This is why it’s crucial for me as a photographer and a businesswoman to define my dream client and explain my style.

My dream clients are those who like family traditions (so I can capture them), the ones who have crazy and wild kids, and those that love an adventure. I want to work with clients who prefer an honest and artful visual record of their lives. These are people who don’t like to have the perfect smile, the fake laughs, or the photoshopped look. People who don’t care about what others think as long as they are having fun.

They want to relax and enjoy the shoot without worrying about how their hair looks or if their make-up is still intact. Those that are not afraid to get messy; won’t cry foul when something doesn’t go as planned or won’t get mad when something tumbles or spills. My dream client loves details and wants to remember the moment for how they felt in it.


Documentary Family Photography and Lifestyle Photography

My photography style is not for those who love getting their family dressed up and getting their portraits taken in a beautiful location. If this is what you want, then a lifestyle photography shoot might be more fitting for you. It’s also not for the people who have a hard time letting go or are not comfortable being themselves in front of the camera. And it is not for those who just want a quick session. If you want to get it done fast, then a portrait session at a studio may be more suitable for you. I think there is nothing wrong with these styles; they are just not what I do.

I am passionate about capturing real emotions, genuine connections, and authentic moments in life that might soon be forgotten. My style is not intrusive, and I want my clients to be at ease while taking their photographs. I don’t want to snap perfectly combed photos. Instead, I am drawn to the in-between moments, the raw feelings that can take us back to a specific place or emotion. It is more than just love, joy, and happiness. It can include chaos, tantrums, and even tears which are all part of life.

Documentary-Family-Photography-London Family Photographer-2018-Anaruivophotography

Since I just let the moment evolve by itself, there is no posing or acting in front of the camera. All the emotions are natural. My mission is not to make you look your best or your prettiest but to make you remember your life as it is – the love, the fun, the chaos, the hard times, and the unique moments.


So if you’re ready to embrace the beauty and the chaos through documentary family photography, then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s have a chat!

I’m Ana Ruivo – an award-winning London family photographer. Since 2013 I have photographed hundreds of clients from all over the world, all the UK and the USA Spain, France, Portugal, New Zealand, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, UAE and Hong Kong.

My view of documentary family photography is that it is unscripted, unposed, and records what happens naturally. I’ll come to your home, or meet you at the park or at brunch, wherever you choose, and just take photos as you and your family or friends interact just as you would on a day when a photographer was not present. I will not ask you to pose, sit still, “say cheese”, or pretend anything. There is no pretending, this is your life, documented. Let the kids be kids, Dad do his thing, and Mum just enjoy the experience.

I want these photos to capture the true essence of your family, your relationships, the stage of your life you are currently experiencing. I want it to be real, in all its tantrum-ing, messy, teary, silly, beautiful glory. I want to capture this chapter in your story so that you can look and remember exactly how it looked and felt at this very moment.

Your family has a story, many stories actually to tell, and I believe they should be preserved.

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