Authentic Family and Baby Photography in Hampstead – A Day in the Life

Spring arrived, family and baby photography is allowed, and I can finally get back to my documentary photo sessions. It is a delight to photograph families with babies below one year old. All their routine is changing rapidly, and you really want to capture it all. The fuss they make while dressing up, the giggles and their curiosity flourishing day by day. It is fascinating to watch!

Family And Baby Photography - Hampstead - Baby - London Family Photography - Ana Ruivo-76

I am incredibly passionate about documentary family and baby photography and believe that A Day in the Life sessions are so important to tell our story most authentically. Most of us do a great job of documenting extraordinary outings, celebrations, and milestones, forgetting that in many ways, our most cherished memories are derived from everyday moments.

It can be challenging to step back and appreciate the beauty of the life as we experience or observe it day in and day out, but the fact is that our daily activities do change – sometimes incrementally and gradually. A Day in the Life is a beautiful way to capture the rituals and routines that are so easy to take for granted (but are gone before we know it).

Do you remember how your days were spent with your children when they were still babies? What were their favourite toys? What games or activities did they love doing with you? Was bath time a breeze? Were meal times messy?

These are questions that may get harder to answer as time goes by. It’s probably easier to remember your children’s christening, first birthday party, or their first words. But we sometimes forget the ordinary days – the lazy afternoons spent listening to nursery rhymes, the random walks in the park, bedtime routines, and so much more.

Family And Baby Photography - Hampstead - Baby - London Family Photography - Ana Ruivo-76

It is likely because most of us do a good job documenting extraordinary outings, celebrations, and milestones while forgetting to photograph the things we do daily. We fail to realize that our most cherished moments can come from the things we do every day.

I took these fantastic pictures from a day in a life of a family with a beautiful 9-month-old baby boy. I was delighted to be able to take a sneak peek at what happens in their typical day. It includes photos from their playtime, mealtime, and even bath time which all looked magical.

Finding beauty in the ordinary, unscripted moments is what I do, and I enjoy bringing that to my clients. I photograph habits and routines that are easy to take for granted but are gone before we know. I love capturing the seemingly simple moments that make up our entire lives.

Family And Baby Photography - Hampstead - Baby - London Family Photography - Ana Ruivo-76

Whatever your day looks like, nothing better captures it like documentary-style photography. Ready for your family and baby photography session? Drop me a message.

Family and Baby Photography in Hampstead – A Day in the Life

I’m Ana Ruivo – an award-winning London family photographer. I am specialized in family and baby photography. Since 2013 I have photographed hundreds of clients from all over the world, all the UK and the USA, Spain, France, Portugal, New Zealand, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, UAE and Hong Kong.

My view of documentary family and baby photography is that it is unscripted, unposed, and records what happens naturally. I’ll come to your home, or meet you at the park or at brunch, wherever you choose, and just take photos as you and your family or friends interact just as you would on a day when a photographer was not present. I will not ask you to pose, sit still, “say cheese”, or pretend anything. There is no pretending, this is your life, documented. Let the kids be kids, Dad does his thing, and Mum just enjoy the experience.

I want these photos to capture the true essence of your family, your relationships, the stage of your life you are currently experiencing. I want it to be real, in all its tantrum-ing, messy, teary, silly, beautiful glory. I want to capture this chapter in your story so that you can look and remember exactly how it looked and felt at this very moment.

Your family has a story, many stories actually to tell, and I believe they should be preserved.

Check-out my awarded images in Family Photojournalist Association this year!

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