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Family pictures

As a documentary photographer in love with shooting real, un-posed moments, I hear these laments from clients often: “Oh, how I love this photo, but I just don’t know how I would display it!” or “I love candid photos, but I need a posed family portrait for the wall.”

While every mom (including myself!) loves a good posed family portrait and certainly should have one or more on their wall, you can also have beautiful, moment-filled walls in your home.

Imagine being surrounded daily with your all-time favorite memories: summer sprinkler runs, autumn leaf fights, winter home baking joy, and spring puddling jumping, right where you can see them every day. I’ve welcomed these memories into my home, and you can too. Here’s some of my favourite ways how to fill your home with photographed memories.

The Framed Gallery Wall

Gallery Walls Framed Pictures London Family Photography


Photo Ledges

Gallery Walls Framed Pictures London Family Photography


A Photo Wall 

Gallery Walls Framed Pictures London Family Photography


Gallery Walls Framed Pictures London Family Photography


At our home above the sofa in our main living room, I have some of my favourite images from the past year framed and matted in conjunction with some art and things and places we love I switch them out only once per year, so it’s really hard to choose!

You can find more ideas on my Pinterest Board dedicated to gallery walls.

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