Your Family Photo Shoot – Why You Don’t Have to Worry About Your Kids Misbehaving


Why You Don’t Have to Worry About Your Kids Misbehaving During Your Family Photo Shoot

Kids will be kids. How many times have you heard that statement? But it’s true. Kids will behave immaturely and childishly – they are children, after all. They love to play, explore, and have fun. They are often energetic and high-spirited. It would be unfair to expect them to behave like adults. Having said that, why then do you need to stress yourself out when the children are not sitting still or following commands during your family photo shoot?


Mums and Dads, I don’t want you to worry about your kids misbehaving during your family photo shoot. As a photographer, I don’t. I want them just to be themselves, run around, jump up and down, and laugh and giggle as much as they want. I want them to do things that they find interesting, like smelling the flowers, reading a book, burying their bodies in the sand, or sliding in the playground. Those candid and natural moments will look magical behind the lens!


They can also be shy, moody, or throw stubborn tantrums. And it’s okay! You can’t really control their emotions and actions. You’ll only get tired and dismayed if you try, which will show in your photos. So don’t get anxious and feel like nothing will go as planned. The only “plan” we have for our shoot is to relax, let it go, and enjoy your kids’ antics.


This is why I love documentary-style photography. I don’t have to direct the kids or instruct them on what to do. I don’t even have to tell them to say cheese. There is no frustration in getting that “perfect” shot. Parents and kids can savour the moment. Shooting with me wouldn’t feel like a chore!

When we let the children just be kids during photo shoots, we are letting their personalities shine through. We’ll see bold expressions and actions that are hard to fake. Plus, parents won’t be looking annoyed, upset, or angry! I’ll be capturing the real, the authentic, which is often more interesting than posed shots.

Notting Hill London Documentary Family Photographer - Ana Ruivo Photography

My goal as a documentary photographer is to make your session as enjoyable and worry-free as possible. One of the best things about this style is that it is not intrusive. It will allow you and the children to do your own thing and be comfortable. Even the chaos and the mess are very much welcome in this style of photography.

Notting Hill London Documentary Family Photographer - Ana Ruivo Photography

Best of all, you and your family will be in your natural element – no need to stress yourself thinking of specific poses or worrying if the kids don’t behave well.

I also would recommend investing in a family film. 5 Reasons to fall in love with family films here. I hope that you will consider commissioning a family film for your next session.

I encourage you to do this sooner rather than later. We, as tired parents, will always have excuses that cause us to put off preserving family memories. But I can promise you that there is no time like the present to document all the beautifully imperfect, endearing aspects of your life that your heart is already working to capture. So do yourself a favour and make it happen.

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