Snapshots from our Summer 2018

Oh, Summer…it seems it was such a long time ago…! Coming back to these images and editing them gave me a strike of homesickness, especially today in London where there is no light.

We call it SAUDADE.

A feeling of longing, melancholy, or nostalgia that is supposedly characteristic of the Portuguese temperament.

I love living in a busy, chaotic and culturally rich city like London but my heart will always be by the beach, in this little village near westernmost point of Europe. Here you fall asleep with the sound of the waves, where the ocean is never calm and the days are long.


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Hello! I'm Ana, a London photographer, in love with light and with the magic of every day. I believe documentary photography transcends time and allows you not only to tell your story but also to relive once again your most cherished memories. In my blog, I share my recent work and some tips and topics I am passionate about.


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