Snapshots of Our Week #2 – London Family Photographer

Snapshots of Our Week is a personal project where I document our lives week by week. I am delighted to share them with you and to show you why documentary photography is my passion.

The weekend was relatively quiet as the girls were still recovering from their cold. My youngest has always the weirdest sleeping positions during her afternoon naps and I love to capture that. Maybe I should start a new series about Mel’s naps. =)


Ana Ruivo London Family Photographer - Week2-2 Copy


I was quite busy with photo shoots and lucky weather (yes… in London!). I’ll soon share one of the sessions I did in Hyde Park.

Wow! On Tuesday we had a very unusual yellow sky which almost felt like the apocalypse. Unfortunately it was caused by some deadly forest fires in Portugal and hurricane Ophelia that brought Sahara sands up to the north of Europe. This shows how we are all connected, how we should all be conscious of our planet Earth.


Ana Ruivo London Family Photographer - Week2-5 Copy


We also went to a friend’s birthday party. From the pictures you can see that my kids love to dance. It’s so funny to watch children dancing, each one feeling the music in their own ways.

We finished the week with pancakes to celebrate the school holidays. I discovered this lovely brand which makes ready-made baking products and they are just divine.



Half term is here, please wish me luck 😉

Have a lovely weekend!


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