Sunset in Dubai – Travel Family Photography

June and July are the busiest months of the year for me. Although I have been very busy I can’t always share my work due to privacy requests of my clients. Instead I am more than happy to share photos of my children.

I usually go to Dubai once a year where I have some fantastic clients but I also enjoy capturing precious moments of my girls having fun in the sun and in the pool. This time we went in June when temperatures rise up to 40 degrees Celsius and humidity is almost 90% so I mainly took photos very early in the morning or, my favourite time, during sunset.

My love for the ocean runs deep for many reasons – I am Portuguese and my childhood memories are intrinsically connected with the beach – but in terms of light for me it’s second to none. The waves reflecting the light on an open horizon and low sun, minimalistic palette of sand and water that so effectively isolates my subject.

As with all bodies of water, there are no better times to shoot the intensity of feeling between people than dusk and dawn, when a golden glow is reflecting off the water. I’m always after the golden flares and the sparkles in the water but I’ve seen spectacular shots by the sea taken at all times of the day. For maternal shot, the beach is the perfect way to depict the limitless love we have for our babies. And the old children can be and play freely, the way we want to remember them at that age.

I am away on holidays this August to Portugal and I just can’t wait to head to the beach and capture all its splendour. In case you want to book a documentary beach family photo session in Portugal this Summer please contact me at or leave a note here.


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