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Capturing moments in motherhood – why authentic is so important

Notting Hill London Documentary Family Photographer - Ana Ruivo Photography

Taking pictures is today an everyday gesture.

We all capture our daily lives with great facility and in so many different ways.
The average person will have around 500 -1000 photos on their phone,
but if that person is a mum, double or triple that. { In case you are wondering, I have 10 000 …}
Mums will capture every little moment of their children’s lives, first steps, words, smiles, drawings, outings and continue capturing all the followings, having right there in the tip of their fingers a real narrative of childhood.
A documentary of the real childhood, because who can resist a  face covered with chocolate ice cream, or a crying sibling while the other has a cheeky smile. Who has not snapped a picture of a fall into a muddy puddle while attempting to do pirouette (and felt terrible about it right afterwards)?  Snap, snap, snap!
It’s all in the box.  We have it all, the GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY.
Day in the life-newborn London Family Photography-Ana Ruivo Photography
But who captures mums? Who captures you? Who captures Motherhood?
And most importantly, how do you this wonderfully abstract almost ethereal state that is your Motherhood to be captured?
You do this and that, pick them up when they get hurt, kiss them on the knee, dry the tears, hold their hands, and then suddenly you see a camera! You stop, you fix your hair, theirs too, and smile all while telling them to do the same through a half-smiling mouth.
As a result, we have got a picture of a mum semi-smiling and if we are lucky, one kid is smiling too while the other one tries to pull away (this is just an example to serve a purpose of course because sometimes you do get three “smiles” :-).
Holland Park London Baby Spring Family Documentary Photography


Where did that moment go?

The one where you put your lips on that knee to make it better, the one when the tears transformed into a smile because those lips magically healed a wounded knee?

It passed. Just like that. And not to be too dramatic, it is gone forever.
Luckily many more will come, because we all know childhood brings way more than a single scraped knee. or a flooded bathroom floor with soap bearded pirates admiring proudly their work.
Many more failed attempts to bake a cake while they lick chocolate spoons, strangling hugs, and bedtime arms tightly wrapped around your neck are coming your way.
So, why not shift from the stiffness of only posing while we can!
It is still time to make a change, to change those poses we are so used to for the reality of this wonderful emotional roller coaster that is motherhood. Or at least add some!

Memory is a wonderful but sometimes tricky thing.

As adults, we only remember as far back into our childhood as our conscient brain allows us to. With luck, we have memories of our early years, photographic/precise moments in our mind, but as we grow up we forget, more and more…
I always wonder:  wouldn’t we be happier if we remembered more of those childhood moments? Being put to bed, the kisses on the head, all that daily care?

This is why I love documentary photography.

This is why I created “A day in the life”, to help you capture those fleeting moments, that daily roller coaster a mother rides every day holding on tight to her little (or less little) ones.

For me, for you,  but also and especially for them. Because no mum ever forgets having changed an uncountable number of nappies, stayed awake hundreds of nights, played hours on the floor until she no longer feels her legs, or that look on her child’s face when he runs open-armed towards her, but we, the child in us does.
The truth in words is vital, that is a given, but the truth through an image is just as much. This is why I choose to make unposed and undirected family images.

You will love taking this leap!

If you want to give a family documentary session a try, or if you have any questions about these types of sessions, please drop me a note – I’d love to continue the conversation.


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    A tribute to all mothers – I see you

    Dear Mum,

    I know how busy you are. I know the timing is never perfect. This weekend there is a birthday party, next one there’s ballet and football practice. You still need to lose those extras pounds, you should buy new clothes for the children. Maybe when they are older, they will behave better in front of the camera…No. No, because when I see you through my camera I see you as you are in your heart.

    Notting Hill day in the life London Family Photography

    When I photograph you, I can see things that you are not able to see yourself. I can see the tiny moments that never get captured by your phone. I can see the way your son grabs your sweater on your back when you pick him up. I can see the way your husband looks at you when you are looking at the kids. I can see the way your daughter looks at you like you have superpowers.

    I can see the way you love unconditionally your family, the way you laugh so sincerely with your children. I can see the way your eyes sparkle with every new trick or expression your baby does. I see your strong arms that are able to lift loads of groceries and baskets of laundry. I see your graceful body that was able to carry your children. I can see your beautiful hands that wipe away tears and your lips that can cure all the imaginary pains.

    Oxford London Family Photography-Ada-145 copy

    You don’t have any dark circles under your eyes, your weight is exactly right and your hair looks perfect. All I can see is love. And love makes all the imperfections that beat us down every day in the mirror blur into the background.

    Your children will remember the way your laugh sounds and the smell of your hair and the warmth of your breath on their heads.  They will remember the way your hands turned the pages of the books and that you gave the best hugs they will ever have.  They will know that the lines on your face came from how much you smiled and the wrinkle in your forehead came from how much you worried because you loved them with everything you had.

    Holiday Family Photography - London Documentary Photographer


    And when they look back at your photo albums, they will not see anything other than how you gave them the world. Don’t let the time pass without being in pictures with your children.

    Let’s tell your story. The time is now.




    I hope you had all a lovely Mother’s Day. Thanks everyone, who entered my giveaway. I cried and laughed with your sincere answers and I am happy to offer all who entered £100 discount on all 3 hours photoshoot packages.

    If you want to give a family documentary session a try, or if you have any questions about these types of sessions, please drop me a note – I’d love to continue the conversation.



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      Mother’s Day: Special Give Away! – London Family Photographer

      Newborn-Baby-London-Family Photographer-Ana Ruivo Photography


      March is almost around the corner and so is Mother’s Day. This year I am giving away a three hour family documentary session focused on motherhood. I wish you to remember that we mothers, stepmothers, grandmothers, sisters and daughters deserve to be in pictures too.

      If you want to participate please answer these 3 little questions by the 11th of March.

      Oh and a little bonus – by completing this you will get £100 off your next three hour session (or longer) if you book this year.

      (The winner’s session must be held within 20 km of W2/W11, London by the end of June 2018– if your home is further away we may not be able to do your session at your home and might pick another location. Once the session has been scheduled, it cannot be rescheduled. If we cannot find a suitable date, a new session winner will be drawn. A model release must be signed prior to the session.)

      If you’re not quite familiar with the documentary approach to photography, you can read this previous blog post. Here’s the list:

      There is no posing involved. You get to enjoy your loved ones – or your alone time – without interruptions or prompts on how you’re supposed to be.

      Notting Hill day in the life London Family Photography

      The pictures will capture who you are – not just what you look like.

      You’ll get pictures of genuine smiles, belly-laughs, tantrums and moments as they happen in your everyday when you’re just present with your loved ones.

      You may not otherwise get pictures of these little things. Morning routines where you have your hands full, and times where you’re soaking up the moment and not even thinking about taking a picture.

      A day in the Life - London Family documentary photography


      Your real life is enough. And interesting, funny, amazing, exhausting, exhilarating and magical – and the pictures will mirror that back to you.

      Notting Hill day in the life London Family Photography

      If you’re itching to get documentary pictures done of you, of your family, or a girl’s night without the kids, you can enter the giveaway here. You’ll receive a link to a questionnaire that will give me better insight into who you are and what the photo session could do for you.

      Notting Hill day in the life London Family Photography

      My mum, my light, my rock, my example, my hope and my adorable daughters – 2014 










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