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Newborn and Family Photography of A Day in The Life

A Day in the Life with a 5 Weeks Old Baby and a 3 Years Old Boy – Newborn and Family Photography

Are you welcoming your second baby soon?

They say that having a second child is usually much easier than the first. There are no fears of the unknown, and you’ll pretty much know how things work. You’ll probably spend less time Googling about poop, burping, diapers, car seat installation, sleep training, and the likes. But with this knowledge and confidence also comes a new set of challenges.

London Newborn And Family Photography A Day In The Life

Unlike before, second-time parents can’t devote all their time and energy to their newborn because there is another tiny human who is desperate for their attention. Parenting two children, a newborn and a toddler is a very demanding task. There’s your baby who needs to adjust from the comforts of the womb to the outside world.  And you also have your toddler who is undergoing his most significant developmental stage.

This A Day in the Life shoot with a 5-week old baby and a 3-year old boy gives us a glimpse of how life is with a newborn and a toddler. I am in awe of how the parents make it look so easy to take care of them both!

London Newborn And Family Photography A Day In The Life

The big brother has well adjusted to his new role and even helps his parents bathe and take care of his sibling. It is so heartwarming to watch all of them play and bond together. I love it whenever the big brother just stops and watches the baby with genuine curiosity. Years from now, I like to think that when the children look at these photos, they’ll see how loved and well-taken care of they are. 

I believe that capturing photos of your children doing day-to-day things together is very important. You don’t have to wait for a milestone or until everyone is dressed in their Sunday best. The fact that they have each other is already something special in itself.

London Newborn And Family Photography A Day In The Life

A Day in the Life shoots are fun, stress-free, and will bring laughter and smiles. Send me a message to book a session. Are you inspired enough? Plan your next newborn or family photoshoot with me. I’ll capture the raw and real emotions of your family while you’re doing an activity you love! Get in touch!

I’m Ana Ruivo – an award-winning London family photographer. I am specialized in family and baby photography. Since 2013 I have photographed hundreds of clients from all over the world, all the UK and the USA, Spain, France, Portugal, New Zealand, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, UAE and Hong Kong.

My view of documentary family and baby photography is that it is unscripted, unposed, and records what happens naturally. I’ll come to your home, or meet you at the park or at brunch, wherever you choose, and just take photos as you and your family or friends interact just as you would on a day when a photographer was not present. I will not ask you to pose, sit still, “say cheese”, or pretend anything. There is no pretending, this is your life, documented. Let the kids be kids, Dad does his thing, and Mum just enjoy the experience.

I want these photos to capture the true essence of your family, your relationships, the stage of your life you are currently experiencing. I want it to be real, in all its tantrum-ing, messy, teary, silly, beautiful glory. I want to capture this chapter in your story so that you can look and remember exactly how it looked and felt at this very moment.

Your family has a story, many stories actually to tell, and I believe they should be preserved.

Check-out my awarded images in Family Photojournalist Association this year!

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    5 ways to celebrate International Women’s Day with your daughter

    The 8th of March is regarded around the world as International Women’s Day. It’s the day when we celebrate the accomplishments, both big and small, of women worldwide and a perfect day to celebrate with your daughter. 


    Whether you want to teach her about her self-worth or the value of other women out there in the world, here are five activities you can do with your daughter to celebrate International Women’s Day.

    1. Watch a movie about a strong female lead.

    There are TONS of movies out there showcasing a strong female lead. If you’re having trouble finding some kid-friendly ones, try these: Mulan, Madeline, Alice in Wonderland, Akeelah and the Bee. Not only are they kid-friendly, but it gives you an excellent opportunity to talk with your daughter about the importance the female character played in the movie and introduce her to this internationally celebrated day. 

    2. Attend an event (even online)

    Take your daughter to an exhibition of a female artist; attend an event in your area for International Women’s Day; take her to a festival or a play at the local theatre. Check on the International Women’s Day website to find an event near you. 

    3. Read books

    One of the best ways to educate and spark conversations with your kids is to read books. Fortunately, there are thousands of books out there written by incredible female authors or about strong women, so your choices are far from limited. To help you narrow it down, School Run found the best girl-empowering books for kids

    4. Learn and do

    Pick a strong woman that inspires you and teach your daughter about her. If she was a painter like Georgia O’Keefe or Frida Khalo, learn about her painting style and mimic it. If she is a gymnast like Simone Biles, take your daughter to a gymnastics lesson or have one in your living room better yet. If she is a tennis player like Serena Williams, watch a few videos about her and then head out to the courts to play a few games yourself. There are so many incredible women with incredible talents. Take today to celebrate those women and try something new. 

    5. Say, “Thank you”.

    Grant Family Hydepark 2019Sm 72

    Pick a special woman in your or your child’s life to celebrate. It can be a grandmother, a teacher, a coach, a neighbour, or a lunch lady. Every woman deserves to be celebrated today, and there are a few who deserve a little something extra. So, write her a card, take her out to lunch, buy her flowers, or anything else you can think of that would make her feel special and loved. Most importantly, make sure she knows why she’s being celebrated.

    Regardless of how you choose to celebrate today, make it a point to educate your daughter on women’s vital role in our world’s history. Not only does she need to realize the importance of female contributions, but she needs to see that she is essential and she can make a difference in this world. After all, our kids are the ones who will grow and transform our nation one day. So, let’s do our part and educate them on this International Women’s Day.

    A smart woman learns from her failure, smiles during her lows and grows stronger when faced with challenges. You are one of them. Happy Women’s Day!

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