The Investment in Photography – 3 Reasons Why It’s So Important


The Investment in Photography.

Sometimes, it’s hard to slow down and enjoy the simple moments with our kids in this fast-paced world. Bike rides around the neighbourhood, ice cream dates, or even reading bedtime stories may be neglected. It is easy to get caught up in the rush of whatever we are doing and forget to enjoy our children. That’s why a family photo hanging on the wall is essential. It can be a great reminder to delight at the moment and capture them. That’s the investment in photography.

The question is, is hiring a professional documentary family photographer an investment? Is it worth spending our hard-earned money on? Or is it just another luxury that we don’t need?
I’m a firm believer that a documentary family photo shoot is an excellent investment that the family can’t do without. Here are three reasons why:

It’s an investment in the future.

Every parent knows that kids grow too fast, but we don’t really feel it until the moment has passed. A family photography session can document the precious time for you! A great documentary photographer brings more than just good lighting; they can bring context to an image, evoke all five senses, and show you the moments you are probably missing.

Think of all the changes that can happen in a year. Capturing those memories, no matter how insignificant they may seem at the moment, can be nostalgic to look back. A professionally taken photo is a lovely way of preserving a precious moment in time for generations to come.


It’s an investment in your children.

Celebrate your kids and their milestones! Forget about the frustrating sessions that only make your kids bored or grumpy. Investing in a documentary-style shoot makes it fun for your kids and the whole family. You can plan a simple activity like going to the park, or you can just stay at home and go about your daily routine. This shoot won’t feel like a chore.

Moreover, your kids will thank you for it in the future! They’ll remember memories that may have been lost since they were still too young when they happened. It will also make them feel loved, valued, and wanted.


It’s an investment in you and your partner.

Let’s face it; parenting is a tough job. It’s a 24/7 post with no breaks and no vacation. Even when our kids are asleep or when we are away for a while, we still worry about them. The things we do day-to-day are rarely noticed nor appreciated. But that doesn’t always have to be the case.

Investing in a documentary family photography session is a chance for you and your partner to be in front of the camera finally. It’s a celebration of your parenthood and a reminder that you are doing great. It’s proof that you were there too!


Investment in Photography

For the reasons stated above, you should keep in mind to hire the photographer that best fits your needs instead of looking out for the “best deal” in the market.

You don’t want to spend money on someone who’ll give you awkward, stressful, and stiff-looking photos, do you? For a genuinely fun and relaxed session that you, your partner, and your kids will love, send me a message!

Your family has a story, many stories actually to tell, and I believe they should be preserved.

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