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You just found out you’re welcoming the newest addition to your family! Whether this baby is your first, last, or somewhere in between, I’m sure that a big and amazing change is about to happen in your life. New life is always a wonderful thing to witness. And to capture it through professional photography is a must! Here are pieces of advice that I think you should consider before hiring your newborn photographer:

Pick a style that resonates with you.

There are different styles to consider for newborn photography. Think of what kind of photos you are drawn to and imagine what you want to see hanging up on your walls. Check the portfolio of the photographers and evaluate if you feel a connection to the style of images produced.

If your Pinterest feed is filled with portraits of babies sleeping on baskets or snuggly wrapped around cute blankets, then the posed style may be for you! These are the photos of babies resting in a curled position with a solid background and surrounded by colorful props.

Lifestyle photography is more relaxed and can be done in the studio or at your home. A lifestyle session includes a lot of cuddling and smiling. It is guided by the photographer and will make the subjects look at their best and their most happy.

While I don’t have anything against the first two, I prefer the documentary style of newborn photography. For me, this approach best brings out the interaction and connections within the home. It does not only show contentment from the family members but also highlights new routines, personal struggles, and unconditional love.

Know your photographer.

I can’t stress this enough, but you need to know your photographer. You might not be spending as much time together as you did with your wedding photographer, but it is important to have someone you are comfortable with. Hire someone you feel safe interacting with your precious one.

Choosing the right photographer is not a decision that can be made by simply looking at their portfolio. If you like what you see on their page, then go and send an introductory e-mail about your family and your baby. You should also set-up an interview or send in some questions for you to learn their abilities and personality.

I love it when clients try to get to know me – not just my work but also my story and my inspirations. I’ve built a connection with most of my clients based on shared experiences. This allows me to tell a better story through their photos.


Trust is an important ingredient in any relationship and this is also true for your newborn photographer. If you love their style and have vetted them properly, then the only thing left for you to do is to trust them. Don’t stress out on every little detail and learn to be comfortable with your photographer’s approach.

I’ve seen that clients who trust their photographers are more relaxed and happy. Their emotions reflect on the photos taken and they tend to take better pictures than those who are stressed and worried.

I hope you find these tips helpful in hiring your newborn photographer!

If you want to give a family documentary session a try, or if you have any questions about these types of sessions, please drop me a note – I’d love to continue the conversation.

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